RTW #1 – Ground Zero

Days until RTW – 971


So I see you have made it to my first official post of this blog! Congratulations!

I figured that the very first post I should put on this blog should be about the main reason I built this in the first place. An introduction to my plans for a Round the World Trip!

Now I have wanted to travel the world pretty much my entire life. As a child, my dad would take me abroad at least once a year – usually to Spain, but sometimes to places like Tenerife, Rhodes, we even went to Florida one year! Both my parents were big fans of the outdoors in general and so I grew up with a taste for adventure. This only grew as I got older and as soon as I was earning enough money to do so, I have been travelling whenever I can.

As an adult, I have only travelled within Europe, ticking off most of Western Europe and Scandinavia, and slowly making my way east. Now I am slowly creeping closer to the big three-oh, I have finally decided its time to truly commit to saving for a goal of a lifetime.

A Round the World Trip

Now before I go into the details behind why I am going to be planning this trip, I should give you a background to me. Coming from a pretty poor family (I became estranged from my slightly less poor father at a young age) I have had to fight for pretty much everything I now have in my life. I had to re-take college, where I was so determined to succeed that I got the first ever triple distinction for my course. I got accepted into my top choice of university where, due to some unforeseen circumstances, my mental health took a particularly bad turn. Nevertheless I made it to the end with a 2:1, annoyingly just 1 point off a First but life is as it is and as I have since discovered, this has not made a lick of difference to my career.

Having moved house over 35 times in my 28 years of life, I have never really known what it is like to have a home and as such I have never really been all that bothered about buying my own house. I may one day (after I am all travelled out) look to invest, but right now, I would rather put my savings to living my life to the fullest.

So with no desire for a family or a home, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, it seemed inevitable that my biggest bucket list item has always been to travel the world.

Now, for the last 5 years, I have been travelling a lot around Europe as I mentioned. But now I have been finding even these short trips don’t quite scratch the itch I have. No, I need more. And so, after a while of thinking about it, coming up with excuses for why I shouldn’t, arguing with myself back and forth, I have finally decided to do it.

From ground zero, I am going to travel the world.

To give you an idea as to just how ground zero I am right now, I have £105.41 in my savings account, with £149.13 in my regular account, for which needs to last me another 23 days until payday. Chances are, I will be using that £105.41 this month because, although I did have £400 in my account, I am that bad at saving money, that I have blown through almost £300 in just over a week.

So ground zero for me is, no savings, no money saving skills, living in London – one of the most expensive cities in the world – on a £33k p/a salary. Not horrific, could be better, could be worse. At least my only debt is my student loan!

So, with this in mind, you will be able to follow me on my journey as I build up my savings, plan my trip, travel to cheap places in between (because honestly, I won’t last 3 years of no travel at all) as well as all the tips and tricks I learn along the way.

I am hoping that this blog will help people see both the struggles and the excitement of planning a RTW trip and hopefully even motivate some of you out there to go out and plan one with me!

Looking forward to catching up on my next blog!

Peace out Travel Bugs!

K x

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